Monday, November 2, 2009

About as Unfestive of a Halloween as You Can Have

I came into Halloween this year with hopes that Brett would appreciate the holiday and have fun dressing up and everything. Um, not so much. He decided pretty much immediately that he wanted nothing to do with his costume and then we knew we were in trouble.

Tina had loaned Brett her son Evan's costume from last year, an adorable lion (and I am pretty sure Tina has pics of it from her blog from last Halloween). It was a 12-24 month costume and for the most part, fit pretty well. Well, from what I could tell. We put it on him for the first time last Sunday (the Sunday BEFORE Halloween) as we were preparing to go to ZooBoo at the IndyZoo. It was a nice day and we thought he'd enjoy it. Umm... not so much. He pretty much decided instantly that he hated it and cried and screamed. I wasn't feeling too great anyway, so we said icksnay on the trip.

Well, the following Thursday, the 29th I had a playdate with my friend Andrea, and we decided to go to ZooBoo together. Her girls had been already and loved it. Perfect. I tried to put the costume back on Brett. The instant he saw it, he started screaming. I couldn't even get it mostly on him and try to console him with his favorite show ever, WonderPets. It was over. So, we went sans costume, but had a pretty fun time.

For whatever reason, I didn't get any good pics of the actual event, or Andrea or her girls or whatever... yeah I was really on it huh? But I did snap a couple of cute shots of B riding the train. And, I learned a cute term for mother's attacking their kiddos with cameras "momeratzi". Cute!

So, flash forward to Saturday. I managed to pick up a pumpkin for B on Friday night (yeah, we didn't even do the pumpkin patch this year). We had hopes that Brett would at least enjoy watching us carve the pumpkin, even if he didn't want to wear his costume. So, Steve started carving the pumpkin Saturday afternoon and Brett started having a meltdown. Not only did he not want to watch, he wanted to play outside. So, B and I went outside and played while Steve carved the pumpkin. Great family fun!!!

But, Brett was at least interested in the finished product..
And decided to give it a little kiss on the mouth..

To wrap up our totally unfestive day, since he wasn't going to go trick or treating (we figured he was still too young to get it) and he wasn't going to wear his costume to save his life, we went out to eat. But, when we came home, Steve lit the pumpkin, and Brett was at least interested in that. I gave him a piece of candy and it was pretty much time for bed. What a great and memorable Halloween :). Next year can only be better (I hope!)


Cathy said...

Next year he'll LOVE it. I hope. Sorry it stank, but the good news is you're not having to fight about candy or worse, eat it all yourself.

amypfan said...

Momeratzi--I love it!
Sorry Halloween was rather anticlimactic! Playdate soon?