Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Baby Fever

So I have to admit, baby fever has been sneaking up on me slowly but surely. When I was certain that I wouldn't want to endure another painful 9 month pregnancy and birth, well that "pregnancy amnesia" must have done it's job because I think I want a second one!

This is all crazy in a way. Brett is becoming more and more independent every day. He's learning how to use a fork and a spoon and can pretty much feed himself. He also can walk down stairs pretty well (although I still give him assistance, especially after he took a tumble down the stairs 2 weekends ago), and his vocabulary is expanding by leaps and bounds every day. My friend Amy told me that her little Zoey started saying all kinds of words at 18 months, and lo and behold, tomorrow Brett turns 18 months old.

Heck, (and I don't want to jinx myself by saying this, but here it goes), Brett normally sleeps from 8 p.m. to 8 a.m. He sleeps WELL and therefore so do Steve and I. In fact, I feel spoiled that we sleep like we do, knowing the wake times of our other friends kiddos.

So, basically Brett is A WHOLE LOT EASIER than he was a year ago. I love watching him grow and I feel like the more interactive his is, the more fun he is and the more I love him :).

With this in mind, I still want another one???? Yep, it's true. I do.

Here's what makes me nervous though - many of my friends (including some of you blog readers) have been dealing with infertility issues. Some have been trying for months to get pregnant to no avail, others are on fertility drugs because they were tired of trying for months with no success, and some have had to deal with the saddest thing I can imagine - miscarriage. And, all of these "girls" are roughly my age... early 30's. In fact, I read that a woman my age only has a 10%-15% change of conceiving in any one month, with most able to get pregnant within 8-10 months. That's a LONG time. Kind of funny when you think about how everyone seemed to get "knocked up" so easily in their early 20's. Makes me worried that maybe my selfishness to wait to have kiddos until we were ready (aka - settled with well paying jobs, and a house and taken our fun vacations together) may come back to haunt me in the end.

Well, here's to hoping I CAN have another one. It only took us 3 months to get pregnant with Brett (but I was a couple years younger), so I am hopeful, but cautiously nervous.


amypfan said...

Oh Carrie- you and Steve are great parents, and I'm sure Brett would love a built-in playmate. It's true- it is scary how much harder it is to get successfully pregnant as we get older. I will definitely keep my fingers crossed for you, and I'm here to talk any time you need it!

Andrea said...

LOL, yep about 1-1.5 is when the amnesia is in full-force. And for every story out there of difficulty, there are plenty of stories of people who got pregnant right away and had no problems. I'll keep you guys in my prayers - hopefully you'll be in that group of people who get pregnant easily without any problems!

By the way, we should playdate again soon if you guys are free! :)