Saturday, June 13, 2009

Peace and Quiet???

I am sitting here at the computer. Brett is asleep. The house has just been cleaned for the 300th time this week. Steve is mowing the grass and I have showered. I putzed around and did little things that needed to be done that I've been putting off. Heck, Brett and I even took a 4 mile stroller walk this morning during the showing. And now I have NOTHING to do. Let me repeat this. I have NOTHING to do. I don't know what to do with myself. So, I decided that even though I haven't been inspired to write a good blog in awhile, I'd take a stab at something.

The past 3 days or so have been really rough for me. I think I reached another breaking point. We'd had like 28 showings (30 now as of this morning) without a bite. Our house has been on the market since April 24th so you do the math. That's like 2 showings every 3 days. We don't even have time to do laundry (and darnit, there you go... there's something that I need to do... oh well, after the blog) because we don't want the washer/dryer running while the showing is happening, and then folding it and putting it away? I mean, I compare living in your house while it's on the market to living in a museum. Everything has to be in it's place at all times. No dust can fall, no dirt can collect. And for us that means, no toys can be strewn, no dogs can drop a hair. I have started to have a lot of anxiety about even being in my house for long periods of time with Brett. He's at the stage when he toddles behind me and "undoes" everything I accomplish. Can't blame him, he's curious. But I cannot have a clean house if he's allowed to just live and be himself.

Showings are stressful, but manageable when Steve's here to help me get ready. Then, one of us can entertain Brett while the other gets everything together, but I about lose it when it's just me. I cannot deal with 2 dogs who are shedding the entire time I am trying to swiffer while holding Brett so that he does not try to ride the swiffer, or get his toys out. And, I go through this on a daily basis. I can't wait until this house sells, but I don't see it happening anytime soon. For as much positive feedback as we get, the negative feedback reads like this, "the floorplan doesn't work", or "such and such room is too small" or "too close to neighbors". Nothing we can do about it.

Well, time to cut the blog short... I hear a cry coming from the monitor. My peace and quiet is officially over :).


amypfan said...

Oh, Carrie, I hear you. Selling a house is SO incredibly frustrating. Really the only way to survive it is to move into a new house before the old one sells, and who has the money to do that? No one I know! Hang in there.

Cathy said...

Sometimes you just NEED to do nothing. For your mental health. Sometimes it's enough to sit down and make a list of all the things you need to do, so you can cross them off slowly later. Other times, it's tempting to move in with the Fam for an extended "vacation".