Thursday, June 4, 2009

New Friends!

Yesterday Brett got to meet some new friends. Gwen, who I went to high school with was in town and staying with her sister Janet. Gwen has a 10 month old, Wesley, who I've seen pics of via Facebook, but have never met because they live in Wyoming. Janet has a 2 year old son, Ethan. So, Brett got to meet 2 new friends... one a little older and one a little younger...

I'm not really pouting. Mom, you just got a bad shot!

Hey, Ethan. Can I please play with your toys?

Man, forget the toys. We can just chew on our hands all day!

Pssst...Wesley. Just follow me. I'll show you what's up...

Mom, you say you want another one? Okay by me!

1 comment:

Gwen said...

Very cute! Thanks for sharing. The one of Brett and Wesley both chewing on their hands is priceless! Love it! So great seeing you!