Wednesday, December 31, 2008

"My Baby's First Christmas" - Chapter One: Christmas Morning

Okay, yes, so I am a little (okay a LOT bit late) at posting this. Since I've been back in Indy, I've been concentrating on getting Brett to go to bed when I'm home...and I worked Monday & Tuesday. So, this is really the first chance I've had to get this together! I swore I'd get at least part of this up before 2009.

Anyway, Christmas was a busy day for us! We started here in Indy and had a good long Christmas morning with Brett. We wanted to establish a good Christmas morning ritual at home now that we have our little guy. Mommy snuck down and took a few pictures before Brett came down...

Brett's "Baby's First Christmas" ornament...

Looks like Santa might have put something in his stocking!

What is this that Santa put under the tree? No it's not "Bear vs. Colt" LOL... it's a giant stuffed teddy bear and a wooden rocking horse!

Mom, I dig this bear. I think we'll be good pals!

Giddyup pardner!

Oooo.. pretty shiny paper! I think I like this better than what's inside!

My mommy's okay, but this Santa guy is waaayy cool!

Below is a video of Brett opening his very first present. We kind of had to show him how to rip the paper, but he got the hang of it pretty quickly. By the end of the day, he was a pro!

The rest of Christmas to hopefully be posted here soon. Basically, we made a stop at my family Christmas in Indy before hitting the road to Chicago. Long day, but Brett was an angel for it all!


Andrea said...

Awww what cute pictures! And I had to laugh at the "Bear vs Colt" thing - I think I still have Colt as a friend on MySpace. ;)

amypfan said...

Love the Bear vs. Colt! Shay got a rocking horse too and figured out how to ride it very quickly--now she can even climb off by herself!