Monday, December 22, 2008

All I Want For Christmas....

'Member how I said a couple of posts ago that Brett hasn't cut any teeth yet?

Yeah. Scratch that.

For MONTHS this child has been drooling nonstop.... sometimes he'd wake up screaming in the night. He's exhibited ALL of the signs of teething except for one. Yeah, that would be actually having teeth.

Yesterday we were at my parent's house for the extended family Christmas and my grandma asked me if Brett had any teeth yet. I told her the same thing I always say... that we've been anticipating teeth for months.. yada yada. Then I stuck my finger in his mouth to feel his gums like I routinely do. This time on the bottom I felt 2 little sharp ridges. Later, upon further inspection I was able to make out that these are his two front bottom teeth! It's almost as if the song was written for him, cuz he's getting two for Christmas!

I'm happy for him... he'll soon be able to start gnawing on cheerios and small slices of banana. But, honestly, I was kind of secretly hoping (selfishly) that this would wait until after he was a year old. My brother, Aaron, didn't cut teeth until he was over a year old, so I knew it was genetically possible for Brett. If he was on formula, I think I'd be delighted! But no. I made a strong decision to nurse exclusively for the first year. Um, yeah. Without getting into TMI, you get the idea why on a selfish level I'm a wee bit terrified. Any mothers out there have some good advice?

Oh, and BTW, the doctor's office called today and all of my bloodwork came back normal. Good news, yet frustrating because I don't have a clear cut answer for my fogginess.


Cathy said...

It may take him a bit for him to become Chompers McGraunke. I nursed until 18 mos.; he got his first 2 teeth at 6 mos. when they start "testing" give them a quick flick on the cheek, they'll let go, get shocked, then you give them back the boob, and they'll be more gentle. It took Chris a few times, but eventually he got it. You've GOT to be gentle with the Mommy, or you get no booby snacks!

amypfan said...

I nursed Bryn until she was a little over a year, and she had quite a few teeth by then. It's totally possible. It just depends on the individual baby. Bryn was still as gentle as a nurser can be all that time. Shay, she was nothing but pain from Day 1, thus why she ended up transforming into a formula baby. If you haven't had any major issues with Brett yet, the teeth shouldn't make too much difference. Hang in there! :)

Andrea said...

Awww congrats on the two teeth for Christmas! ;)

As for nursing, we nursed for a year and Hannah got 6 teeth in that time. The bottom ones are not an issue because babies have to stick their tongues out slightly while nursing. The top ones can scrape a little if you aren't careful but it's just a matter of getting them to open their mouths wider if that happens. I have always been told you can tell if babies are going to bite because you can feel them set their jaw but Hannah was never a biter. I was a little afraid too when her teeth started coming in but it was all for no reason.

If he does bite, I have always heard say a stern "no", remove him and set him down on the floor, and give him a minute to cry and realize that he isn't going to get milk if he bites. Good luck!