Thursday, August 7, 2008

We're Rockin' The Suburbs

I can't believe I forgot to add what might be my absolute favorite thing to my "Favorite Things" blog! Well, absolute favorite thing, is a little much... how about absolute favorite musical artist?

Yep, I am obsessed with the music of Ben Folds & Ben Folds Five.

This happened rather innocently enough. About 3 years ago, I was at my local library looking for music to add to my brand new iPod (okay, I know it's "illegal", but I'm not uploading it online, so who cares?). I stumbled across "Forever & Ever, Amen". At this point, my knowledge of Ben Folds was limited. "Brick" was okay.... but then his "Song For the Dumped" and "Army" were awesome! So, I decided to give this CD a try. I was hooked. Really, why he released "Brick", I'll never know. This is by far one of his most boring songs.

Soon after I compiled some of his CD's onto my iPod and made a huge Ben Folds playlist. I'd listen to it here and there, when I wanted something different. I'd forget about it for a few months and then I'd play it again and remember how totally awesome it was.

But, (and this is how I am going to tie this post to the theme of my blog!) you know how when you are pregnant and you crave certain foods? (for me this was cheese and cherry flavored ANYTHING). Oddly enough, I couldn't get enough of Ben Folds music. Starting at about my 5th month, I pretty much soley played Ben Folds. At this point, I also went ahead and got the rest of his albums to add to my playlist (which now totals about 100 songs!).

So, starting at about 5 months in utero, Brett got aquainted with Mr. Folds & Co. I figured it would be good for him to listen to an awesome piano player, since I want to get all of my kids started playing piano a young age. (On a side note... Steve and I grew up with a heavy musical background. I played flute and competed in all of the state competitions and everything in high school. Steve played trombone. I always wished I'd learned piano as a kid, though... I took a keyboard class in college and got a little bit of background and eventually taught myself to play a couple of songs, including Tori Amos' "Winter"... but that's a whole 'nother blog :)).

And, then, coincidentally enough, Ben Folds came to Lafayette the last week of February! So, we HAD to go! The concert was amazing, buy the way. This guy is a musical genious... all he had on stage was himself with the piano, a guitar and drums (which he had musicians for...he didn't play all at once!). But that's all he needed for an awesome show. No fancy lights, no dancers, nothing... and it was the best concert I've ever been to! The only downside was that we got tickets last minute and all they had were second balcony. Yep, I had to walk all 7 months of my pregnant self up to the second balcony... not an easy task! So, anyway, Brett got to enjoy his first concert in utero! I think he liked it... he didn't seem to complain too much anyway.

And, now that Brett has emerged into the world, I can tell that he enjoys the music! I'll put on my playlist and I'll look at him in his baby mirror and he'll be moving his arms around. It also seems to keep him calm and from fussing in the car (most of the time anyway). I really think it's just very familiar to him! In fact he was smiling and cooing as I played the youtube videos below!

Anyway, here are links to some awesome early Ben Folds songs (when he was with the Five)



"Battle of Who Could Care Less"

"Selfless, Cold and Composed"

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