Wednesday, August 20, 2008

They're Playing MY Song!

If you watch Keri & Misty play beach volleyball tonight in the Olympics, you might hear them cut in for a second here and there with my song!

Yep, it's Carrie by Europe:

Check out the cheesy 80's hair of this guy in the video. I was sooo psyched when this song came out when I was like in 3rd grade. It was so cool when they played it at the skating parties!

Anyway, just something that made me smile :). I am stoked for their game though... go team USA!

And, on a side note.... Thomas Finchum, the diver? His father was my high school english teacher, and wrote my recommendation letter to Butler for me! I vaguely remember Thomas as a little kid. His older brother played against my youngest brother in basketball. Even then he was doing backflips along the sideline as a little kid. I think his final event, diving on the platform is up within the next couple of nights. Anyway, it was funny to see his family in the audience early last week for his first event. It was like "hey there's my high school english teacher." What a small world!

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Cathy said...

I've been loving those little snips of Carrie they're playing when Kerrie Walsh does a good little bit of butt kicking!Love me some Europe, how bout Final Countdown for Gold Baby?!