Friday, August 22, 2008

Caught Red Handed

When Brett was born, his Chicago grandparents bought him this adorable little puppy that plays music when you pull on a handle attached to it.

Well, Brett really didn't get it for awhile. After about a month, Steve would sometimes hold it in front of his face and pull the blue handle. Brett slowly became amused by this, but didn't get how it worked.

About 2 weeks ago, I decided to attach it to his crib. He still didn't know how it worked, so I thought that maybe by leaving it there he would.

So, one night at about 3 a.m. over the baby monitor, very loudly we hear "Woof. Woof. See The Colors....". It woke me dead up out of my sleep. Pretty funny, but we didn't know if he rolled over and caught his hand on it, or he had figured it out.

Well, as he was napping this afternoon, the baby monitor suddenly lit up with the "Woof, Woof". I crept into his room and caught him!

Smart little guy! See how he realizes that he's not by himself halfway through :). Again, gratuitous baby cuteness...(only about a minute long, I promise!)

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