Sunday, July 10, 2011

Root For the White Sox

On June 11th we went up to Chicago for a week-long stay. It was our vacation this year...we didn't go to a hotel or a cabin or anything, rather we stayed with family and friends. It actually worked out really well because the kiddos are so small right now, and we had a lot of people around to help watch them so I could occassionally take at least a mental break.

Anyway, the first half of the week, we stayed with Steve's family, and we went to our annual White Sox game. This was Kaia's first game and we got her a certificate (as we did for Brett) to put in her baby book.

Another cool thing that happened at the game was that Kaia said her first word...I am counting it anyway. She looked right at Brett as he was walking down the steps, pointed at him and said "Bep!". No doubt, she was trying to say "Brett".

I'll try to write a few more posts about our trip up :).

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