Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Brett and Shay - Sitting In a Tree?????

And for the final leg of our vacation, we stopped in Lafayette/Brookston on our way home to visit my dear friend Amy who has recently relocated with her family to Camp Techumsa (I KNOW it's spelled wrong..I'm too lazy to google it, but that's how it sounds) :). Anyway, hanging out with Amy, Bryn, Shay and Liam is a regular playdate for us. And this was the first time we'd visited their new digs. I'd always said that Brett and Shay would make a cute couple (she is just 6 months older) because they are both blonde haired, blue eyed little ones. As soon as we got there, Shay grabbed Brett's hand and led him all over camp. It was adorable, so the camera had to come out to snap up the cuteness.

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