Friday, January 14, 2011

Kaia's 4 Month Appointment

Well, 4 1/2 months is more like it. But anyway, the doctor said that the percentages were accurate based on her birth date not her "4 month appointment"

So here's the latest and greatest stats for Miss K:

Weight: 14 lbs. 12.8 oz - 66%

Length: 25 1/4 inches - 75%

Head: 41.6 cm - 59%

So, she's definitely a growing little girl. Her favorite hobby continues to be eating, so these numbers come as no surprise.

She's also at a "fun" stage...she's rolled over from tummy to back but she's not more mobile than that right now, however she is solid..this kiddo is not a noodley baby. She's been in her exersaucer for over a month now, as she prefers to "stand". She has tons of smiles and giggles to share and is such a "people person" already. The ONLY thing that would make it all perfect right now is for her to sleep through the night. That still has not happened. She is 19 weeks old, and Brett was sleeping through the night at 12 weeks....I'm desperate for a single night of sleep, but we are getting by. She normally wakes once between 1 - 3 to eat and then one more time at 5 or 6, so if she could just drop t he middle of the night feeding, we'd be okay. And, no, she hates's all mommy all the Steve feeding her in the middle of the night isn't an option. Oh well, I keep telling myself she WILL sleep through the night....EVENTUALLY.

And, here's the latest teddy bear chair pic!


Tina said...

Wow, I just compared her 4 month pic to the one with Brett at the top of your blog. It's amazing how much she's changed in such a short amount of time. Can't wait to get the happy "couple" together again!

Cathy said...

She's such a Cute little Butterball!