Monday, November 22, 2010

Love At First Sight

My friend Tina beat me to the post! :).

If you read my blog, you will recall that my BFF Tina was pregnant at the same time as me and we had our babies exactly two weeks apart (she had an adorable son - Luke). This was the first time we had gotten together since having our second children, and we were excited to see each other and introduce our new arrivals! Steve, Brett, Kaia and myself went up to Chi-town over the weekend, and here are some adorable pictures of our kiddos.

Tina, did an awesome job of explaining everything, so I recommend on clicking on her post in my blogroll (Cute Times 4) to read more...

As I have mentioned before, since Tina had a boy, we are going to marry off our kiddos one day :). Follow are Kaia and Luke's first time meeting

A little shy at first....

But they soon warmed up, as Kaia played with Luke's little ear...

And, all four of our kiddos, Luke, big brother Evan, big brother Brett and Kaia

Also to note...Brett and Evan are becoming quite good gets more and more fun to get our ever growing group together each time :).

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