Thursday, November 4, 2010

Kaia's Baptism

Kaia had her baptism on Sunday. It was the third weekend we had tried for to get it scheduled. Nothing seemed to go right on getting this date on the books. But somehow we pulled it off! The ceremony went well (after Kaia got her pacifier while we were up at the baptismal font), and the party at my parent's house after it was all over was really nice. In retrospect, it was probably a good date for her to get baptized, even though it was Halloween (which was not the ideal date I had wanted), because for Lutherans, that is Reformation Day, and this year Reformation Sunday fell on the actual Reformation Day (which just happens to be Halloween, go figure!).

And, yes, Brett was sick, and a trooper through it all... and I had managed to get Brett's illness too, but I made it through the day as well!

Note: Kaia's gown is made from my mother's wedding gown...kind of cool...before Kaia wore it, my niece Paige wore it for her baptism. Brett's gown that he wore for his baptism is a gown that's been in Steve's family for ages, so I was glad that since we have 2 kiddos, we were able to incorporate both traditions. Also, Kaia was able to wear my own baptismal shoes and was so neat to be able to incorporate MY old things this time too :).


Cathy said...

Welcome to the Family of Christ, Kaia Beth!

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