Friday, July 23, 2010

Thankful for Amazing Friends

What a great blog post this could be if I only had taken pictures! Oh well, you'll just have to use your imagination :).

Well, directly after my ultrasound/ob appointment last week, I had a visitor. Or, 2 to be more accurate. Tina, who I have talked about numerous times on this blog, who is 3 weeks behind me in her pregnancy, made the trip all the way down from Chicagoland to spend a couple of days with me and B! She brought her son Evan so that he and Brett could play while we spent time catching up.

Tina, is currently expecting another sweet little bundle of boy joy, so I have already betrothed baby girl to him. We plan on having a big fat Greek wedding one day for the two of them :).

Anyway, we had a great time commiserating about our pregnancies and just catching up on life in general, and the next morning we took our boys to the zoo. (Again, photo ops would have been great here, but I didn't take any pics even though I had my camera with me... keeping up with Brett in general is enough to exhaust me these days, let alone try taking pics of him). We got there as soon as it opened, but as it has been this summer in general, it was SWELTERING hot. In fact, I think that it was the hottest summer day thus far. We managed to stay for a couple of hours...Brett got to see his beloved cheetahs, and we got to the better animal exhibits. But by about 11, even the boys were hot and tired and ready to go, so we took off early. It worked out well...we got the boys home in time for naps (and their pregnant mommies got a nap as well!).

When, we got up, we got ready for dinner out. Tina had suggested the two of us go out for a last girls dinner before we had our babies, so we were planning on going to the Cheesecake Factory, while Steve agreed to watch the boys. So, I must say I was floored when we got there and several of our friends were there waiting for us. Tina and a bunch of our old Butler friends had come together to throw me a shower, and she had kept it all from me :). She is a great secret keeper! Baby girl managed to get lots of pink and has now started a stylish wardrobe thanks to everyone. I know some of you who were at the shower read my blog, so thank you really know how to make a girl feel loved! :). Anyway, it was a great girls night out and it just made me so grateful to have such good friends!!!!

Tina and Evan took off the next day, and it was bittersweet saying goodbye. Sad to see her go, as always, but excited that next time we see each other, we'll both have our new sweet babies!

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