Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Hello? Anyone out there???

I am having one of THOSE days....tired, stir crazy, anxious. First of all, I started freaking out a couple of hours ago when I thought back to my doctor appointment yesterday. I went to an ENT for what is now for sure an Afrin addiction (don't get started on the nose spray people, it's NOT pretty)... and the doctor took my temp... 97.8. Now I normally have a lower temp anyway, like 97.5, 97.7, but isn't my temp supposed to be HIGHER right now? I was temping for about 3 months before we got pregnant, checking my temp every morning before I got up to figure out my cycle. The second half of my cycle saw temps above 98.0. And, isn't your body supposed to keep up a higher temp during your pregnancy? Now, I have no other reason to go on that anything is wrong at all. I just hit 11 weeks today, so could this just be a fluke? I've read about signs of miscarriage and no where does it say "lower temperature". I just hope I stop freaking out until I get to the doc next Thursday.

Ugh. And, it's that time of year... you know the time when it's bitterly cold and snowy and you just feel like a shut in. I HATE driving in this weather, and since I have no where I have to go today, I am hanging at home with B. But the minutes feel like hours and ugh.

Which brings me to my next thought... Seasonal Affective Disorder does NOT mix well with pregnancy. I usually take a "happy pill" of sorts during the winter to get me through and to pick up my depression. Well, as soon as I found out I was preggers in late December I immediately stopped taking my happy pill. My doc says it is "probably safe" to stay on, but who wants to risk it? I'd rather be sad than have a harmed baby. The normal mood fluctuations and hormones associated with pregnancy don't help this either... as well as the constant feeling of being "fat" pregnant this time (this only kicked in when I REALLY realized what I weighed at my first appointment last month). I am worried about running into old friends even now because they'll just think I'm fat. Ugh.

And, finally, I can't even seem to find human contact on my addiction of addictions.... Facebook. They made changes to the format and now I only see like 10 posts by anyone all day. Okay, I have like 350 friends... something is not right here. So, it seems like in addition to feeling as though I am cut off from the world by the weather, I am also cut off via Facebook.

Sigh. I REALLY can't wait until spring. I am so over all of this.


Suellen said...

Carrie!!!! I'm here. I read your blog. I stalk your facebook. I'm sorry you're feeling so yukky right now. Spring really is right around the corner. Hang in there.

Cathy said...

Sorry you're SAD. You'll just have use 'artificial methods' like Starbucks and Chocolate. The PO temp doesn't stay up forever, and really if your low is anywhere below 98.6, you're good. I have found with the boys that the normal is all over the place, but when only when it's fever does it creep over 98.6. So the nurses won't worry at all unless you're below 96 or above 99. You're Good.

Andrea said...

A few things to hopefully make you feel better. First off, it's your basel body temp that is higher during pregnancy, not your overall temp. You can only get an accurate reading of that temp after you've been laying perfectly still for 4 hours (aka - sleeping). Once you wake up and start to move around, it goes back to a normal temp. I'm also not sure that it stays as a high temp all through pregnancy AND it's not a significantly higher temp anyways, which is why it takes a thermometer that reads out to the hundredths to actually use temping as a way to get pregnant.

And secondly, your chance of a miscarriage after seeing a healthy heartbeat at 8 weeks is practically none.

Ugh, it's a depressing time of year, even without SAD and pregnancy hormones. Hopefully Cheeseburger in Paradise will cheer you up tomorrow! :)

amypfan said...

I stalk you regularly through various online mediums. :) And for the record, I, too, hate the new Facebook layout. And I definitley understand the pregnancy blues. I know people say it's supposed to be a joyous time and all, but seriously, who can be all happy when they feel so yucky?? Hang in there and we'll see you for some games and solidarity this weekend. Meanwhile, feel free to give us a call any time you're feeling blue--it's likely that I'm feeling much the same.

Carrie said...

Thank you friends so much for your comments. They've really made me feel much better :)

Jen said...


Can't help you any with the pregnancy questions; but maybe with FB - try this: on the left, click Friends and then the second option that appears is Status Updates. This will show you all the statuses that are posted, and not just what FB deems Newsworthy. But I hate the new layout, because it takes two clicks to get there...the previous layout I was able to set it so that status updates appeared first whenever I opened FB...not to worry, I'm sure it'll change again in less than 6 months.

Jen Claudy