Sunday, January 31, 2010

Everything smells FUNNY

So, I know that things smelled funny to me when I was pregnant with Brett. I just can't remember very clearly right now which ones they were.

But now that I'm in the thick of the first trimester again, man, are some smells hitting me the WRONG way.

First of all, to start it off, my body chemistry has totally changed, which means that I constantly think I smell funny and am perpetually wanting to take a shower. But when I take a shower, that's when I have another problem.... soaps and body washes make me so queasy. Their smell overpowers I am always going from feeling sick to feeling sick depending on whether I'm about ready to take a shower or stepping out of it.

And, on the note of clean... laundry detergent, perfumes, air fresheners, all of it... I can't handle. I actually made Steve pick up different laundry detergent and soap today at the store, hoping their scents wouldn't bother me as badly as the ones currently being used.

And then we have the complete opposite end of the spectrum... I have a 21 month old...who has NOT been potty trained. Now, I am usually fine with wet diapers, but dirty diapers are too much right now. I am thankful for my husband and family who are willing to pitch in here...but the days where I am home alone with Brett can be very trying and I only imagine all of the shades of green that I turn.

Foods for the most part don't bother me too much just by smell, surprisingly, unless it is something I DON'T want. Like, the other day we had chicken and noodles. Steve had bought the stuff to make it when I was craving it, and then suddenly it sounded disgusting so it sat in our refrigerator. Finally, the celery was getting wilty so we HAD to make it. That was a tough meal to stomach. I've given up on knowing what we are going to eat from day to day... I just try to keep a stocked fridge and HOPE that something we have on hand happens to sound good. Unfortunately, we've eaten out alot because what sounds good at the time is something bizzare that we'd never have at home (on a side note, I remember this happening when I was pregnant with Brett and it finally went away sometime during the 2nd trimester).

And, finally, I CANNOT STAND the smell of my dogs right now. That makes me a horrible doggie parent, I know... but their smell makes me want to toss my cookies. Anyone want a couple of dogs for a couple of months?

Hopefully things get better. I know that when I was pregnant with Brett, things continued to smell weird throughout pregnancy but didn't affect my tummy as much. Here's hoping anyway!


Cathy said...

The smell of dog food ran me the wrong way, that was one of my cues I was pg. And Chris's diapers were so foul, that there for a while, I took to strapping him to the table automatically just in case I'd have to make a mid-changing bathroom run. Also, try washing your stuff in Dreft...or just using a plain glycerin soap. I had to give up B&BW for a while when nursing Chris, and I just wasn't able to go back with the same gusto. Good Luck hon.

Andrea said...

Wow, it sounds like it's really bad for you. I know I could smell things much better but most didn't bother me, with the exception of cigarettes and alcohol. Those just bothered me, didn't make me sick. The smell of BBQ made me want to toss my cookies during Hannah's pregnancy though for some reason. I was lucky that Hannah was daytime potty trained while I was pregnant with Hailey but I remember that her milk cups would sit in the dishwasher for a few days and when I opened it to put something in - well let's just say I'm glad the sink was right there. Yuck! Hope things get better in the 2nd trimester!

amypfan said...

Oh, how I sympathize! And I agree, dogs stink. And dirty diapers. And meat cooking (as it is doing right now, which is why I have abandoned Ben to both cook and watch the girls while I hide out in the office). And mysterious contents of the refrigerator. And I'm also right there with you on how no food sounds good. We absolutley blew our food budget last month for that very reason. Ah, the joys of pregnancy!