Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Happy Holidays

So, we've been super busy this holiday season. Between construction on our house, which took a big chunk of time in late November (and it looks great, by the way... we enclosed the loft and made it a third bedroom, all with lots of help from dear ole dad... thanks dad!) and general holiday stuff, December has flown by so far.

Brett has enjoyed the holidays thus far. We decorated the house (along with finishing construction) over Thanksgiving weekend. I showed him how ornaments went on the tree, and he enjoyed "helping" place them (although it was setting them in the branches instead of hanging them, but still super cute!). He even decided that he loved a few ornaments that we put near the bottom of the tree so much that he has continuously taken them off and carried them around the house. These, of course, are all of the non breakable ornaments that he can "play with" anyway.

He also got a small amount of eggnog that weekend in a sippy cup as well, and it was so funny because at first he thought it was just milk and didn't do much with it... but when he picked it up and tasted it, he sucked it down all at once.

We also completed our monster cookie baking weekend this past weekend. We tried some new recipes and had a decent amount of success with all of the different varieties of cookies. Chris came up and between the three of us (while Brett watched Wonderpets) we were baking fools all weekend.

So, really, I just have to wrap presents, but otherwise we are all set for the holidays.

Below is a picture of Brett from our Christmas card this year...

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