Monday, April 6, 2009

Flat. Out. Exhausted.

Let me start by saying I feel as though I need to write a blog about life and what's been going on and yada, yada. But I am so tired that I might fall asleep at the keyboard!

Life has been crazy lately. As I posted last month, Steve and I are going through the arduous task of putting our house on the market. This has lead to very long and busy weekends. In fact, Steve has pretty much missed the entire NCAA tourney. We've used every spare minute of our time at home together to be productive. So, we've really not had any relaxation time for awhile. But, we've made soo much progress. We've repainted our entire bedroom, touched up all of the doors and walls in the house, replaced a sink (thanks dad!), fixed a ceiling fan (again, thanks dad!), revinyled 2 bathrooms (oh yes, I DID THIS BY MYSELF!) and replaced our downstairs carpet. We've also been cleaning and re-organizing closets, storing clutter at my parents (thanks mom & dad!), and working on "staging" our house. In my former life, I was in the apartment industry so I am trying to make our house look like a model. Not an easy task! We can see the finish line, though, which helps. We need to deep clean, landscape and get our carpets steam cleaned, but then it's going up baby!

Well, not only are we devoting all of our time to that... I thought that I'd try to re-gain my figure by training for the mini marathon, so we signed up last fall. This will be my 6th or 7th mini, so I'm not new to the training regime, and I know that around this time every year it gets ridiculously time consuming. This weekend was our 7 mile Saturday, which ate up over an hour and a half of the day and a lot of my energy. (BTW- my figure hasn't changed much... all of the stress has caused horrendous eating patterns and the 1,000 calories I burn from those long training spurts are promptly put back on. I need to get serious about these last 20 pounds and I just can't seem to do it.).

Plus, I am nearing the end of some serious drug withdrawl. PRESCRIBED drugs... don't get any ideas! Shortly after Brett was born I went on 20 mg of Paxil and have been on it for almost a year... after my anxiety was calmed I stayed on it through the winter because of my seasonal affective disorder. Previously, I had taken Lexapro, which wasn't too hard to ween off of, but Paxil is a whole other story (the lactation consultants would't put me on Lexapro because of issues with it affecting breastmilk). I will NEVER take Paxil again. I took the whole month of March to gradually cut back my dosage, and each time I did I experienced serious vertigo. The room would spin and I'd almost lose my balance. NOT recommened if you have a small child to carry around. I took my last dose on Saturday the 28th and the following Monday I was in pretty bad shape. Last week I spent a lot of time sitting down because if I moved too quickly in any direction I would get so dizzy I would almost lose my balance. Finally on Thursday I started to feel a little better and now I am not too spinny unless I am really stressing. (On a side note, this has also put a major damper on mini training, and I'm hoping our pace won't be as embarrassing as I am pretty sure it will be).

And, then, add in an exhuberant, energetic, almost 1 year old. Add this child to a house full of clutter and interior design projects and mix. NOT a good idea. Poor baby is in a minefield right now. We don't have a lot of space for him to roam and all of the babyproofed areas are currently NOT babyproofed, which makes it even more challenging. Plus, since we can't leave him alone, we have to take turns watching him while the other one works in the house. I tell you, over the past month, we've timed so many things to co-incide with his Saturday and Sunday naps!

Oh, and the fact that he is almost 1 brings with it another whole set of projects. He's having 2 birthday parties. One in Chicago and one in Indy, so Steve and I have two parties to plan. Luckily, neither one is at our house, or you'd have to commit me to the looney bin right now!

But there is one thing that I am pretty stoked about... I've been saving $$ in my paypal accout for awhile, and I was finally able to purchase Brett's birthday present. It came in this past week and I can't wait to put it together and have him play it...

Yes, it's a "baby" grand piano. Just like Shroeder. I want all of our kids to be exposed to music early in life, since it was such a huge part of Steve's and my life growing up. And, I'd really like them to learn piano first, since it's such a good base for everything else. We'll see if he likes it... I'm crossing my fingers!

Now, if only ordering this thing were easy... it was a horrendous story and one that could take another blog to tell. But it's here, which is important, and I am, instead, going to use my last ounce of evergy to....

finish.... this.... sentance..... ZZZZZZZZ.

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