Thursday, May 22, 2008

Yes, I am your classic new mom

So, it's been 5 1/2 weeks since Brett was born and I am finally starting to feel like myself again. With the exception of a few rough days here and there (for example, on Tuesday ALL Brett did was eat and I didn't even get a shower until 8 pm!) things are good. I've started back on the treadmill and I've lost 30 pounds since pregnancy (alot was having the baby and water loss). Now I've got another 25 or so to go and the scale doesn't seem like it wants to budge! But, hey, I had a baby. I have an excuse. I know it won't come off overnight, I've just got to keep working out and trying to eat well.

Brett is growing like a weed! Except for our jaundace problem, everything has gone well. He is much more alert and is starting to develop his own unique personality. I am starting to understand his cries and we are getting a sleeping schedule sort of down. He's not perfect but is doing pretty well. He'll wake up once between 2:30-3:30 to eat, but otherwise he sleeps pretty well.

I've still got things I want to do. I need to get birth annoucements out (sorry everyone) and get ready for his baptism, but I'm working on it. My house is starting to get in order... I even got to do laundry today (hooray). I've still got another 5 weeks to enjoy Brett at home before I have to go to work again. I have no idea what that will be like. I feel like my life is completely different right now and I have no sense of time or day.... Once again I apologize for my lack of blogging. Hopefully as I am re-gaining control of my life I'll start writing more frequently.

Anyway, I've attached the latest pics of the Brett-man... he is starting to loose his blonde locks and is getting chubbier (I compared him to a middle aged man, but MUCH cuter).... enjoy!
Bathtime is FUN time!

The shirt says it all...


baby boy said...

He is tiny, I look at my baby now and see how that thy grow so fast.

amypfan said...

What a cutie! And I'm glad to hear that he's sleeping so well--I know you're probably still exhausted, but every little bit helps, right? :)

Andrea said...

Very cute! And who needs sleep, right? (yea, right...) ;)