Monday, December 24, 2007

Decisions, Decisions

I feel like this is a repeat of a couple of days ago! Now it’s not as early as 3:00 a.m., granted, but I have no reason to be up this early today. Ugh….is it normal to wake up feeling like it’s the middle of July when your thermostat is set on 60 degrees and your husband is covered in multiple layers with all of the covers on, freezing? I don’t see how women make it while being pregnant in the summer.

Anyway, I digress….

So, we went to Babies R Us a couple of days ago and now that we know we are having a boy, I am excited to start the nursery. We’d already picked out the crib/changing table ensemble (which we haven’t bought yet, but I’m thinking it will be soon now… the problem? We have to totally re-locate our home office into various rooms in our house. Yeah, that kind of sucks. Anyone want a leopard print chez lounge? No, really, I am serious!). Now, we have picked out what I think will be our nursery theme. I REALLY would love someone somewhere to have created a Butler Bulldogs nursery bedding package (for all not in the know, Steve and I met at Butler)… I scoured the internet, and if we were fans of a major university, certain sites have nursery bedding for like say, Alabama. However, no Butler University. So, I think we have settled on a sage colored teddy bear theme. Now we have to start buying everything…let the fun begin! I actually DID already buy a really cute onesie set with puppy dogs on it - I couldn’t help it.

And, the biggest decision we’ve made? We picked out a name. Actually, we had picked out a name while we were still dating in college. Yeah. So, for about 8-10 years we’ve known what we would name a boy. A girl? That changed several times - but a boy… we were pretty dead set on Brett. Now, I know what you all are thinking – that Steve is a huge Packers fan, so Brett MUST be because of Brett Favre. Well, me and my football hating mentality would have to somewhat cave to this and admit that on his end, this probably had a pretty big influence. But, I genuinely like the name, and it’s much better than his second choice – Lars. Seriously (you know the guy in Metallica?). Yeah, I don’t think so. Actually, someone I know asked me if Brett was after Brett Michaels. I thought that was pretty funny (Steve would kill me for that – since Poison isn’t a “real” band, you know… according to him anyway). So, no more Jose Cuervo, or Dos Equis (our due date is May 5th – Cinco de Mayo, which lead to some fun early baby names). It’s Brett. And no, Steve, you can’t call it “the kid” anymore :).

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