Saturday, February 12, 2011

She's Growing Up SO Fast!

Today was a(n) historic day in the life of Kaia.

She had her first solid food...that's right....we gave her rice cereal this morning :).

It makes me a little teary...I have nourished every ounce of her little being all by myself...from the food I ate that helped her grow in utero, to the milk I've provided her ever since she's been in the world. I have helped her grow to her (approximate) 16 pounds ALL BY MYSELF!

So, it was a BIG DEAL for me to give her her first rice cereal. We waited until 5 1/2 months....research until recently said that Breastfeeding solely for 6 months was optimal, but within the last month, I've heard other research that says if you wait TOO LONG babies can develop other problems. So, I kinda compromised and decided to go with 5 1/2 months.

She was definitely ready!

Here are the pictures of her first feeding, as well as a video of her first spoonful.

Brett was so cute...he kept patting her head, saying "Good job, Kaia!", like he was giving her moral support.

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Cathy said...

I love how happy she is with food and her brother, just as it should be! Good Job Kaia!